Chatpack Overview


Download the full distribution in the top navigation section and run the chatpack-setup.exe file to install. If you already use MUSHclient and are comfortable doing an in-place installation, read the next section, but be aware of the caveats.

Installing over an existing Mushclient

Warning: Chatpack now uses LuaJit, which breaks compatibility with non LuaJit soundpacks, including the popular Mush-Z. Unless Mush-Z updates to use LuaJit in the future, you will not be able to run both muds in the same window. You will want to do a full install of chatpack instead.
Chatpack can work alongside Tony's YuGiO soundpack, as well as the Aardwolf Client Package.

If you are already using MUSHclient for other muds, you can forego the installer and download only the Chatpack files. The file is located at this link To install, do the following:

Updating Chatpack

If you need to update your chatpack, follow these steps:

Note: You will only need to redownload the updater file if I announce that the updater has been updated, which is infrequent.

Chatpack is ...

Customizing Chatpack

Volume Control

To give you better flexibility with prioritizing sounds, Chatpack divides sounds into four categories, each with its own volume control:

To change the volumes of each of these categories, use f10 to toggle through the categories, then use f11 and f12 to adjust the volume down or up in increments of 3% respectively. If you want to set the volume to an absolute number, type volume followed by the number. The minimum volume is 0, silencing the category, and the maximum volume is 100.

The config command

You can customize some functionality settings by typing config while you are in the Mushclient window. The settings should be self-explanatory, but contact me if you don't understand something.

Adding or Modifying Sounds

Chatpack comes loaded with many sound effects that play to alert you to various events, such as a message being sent to a channel, a social happening, or when a player on your watchlist logs in. Sound effects are also useful because they can be played on top of speech or each other, saving you a lot of time. All of Chatpack's sounds can be perused and manipulated from the sounds/chatpack folder inside your Mushclient folder. All sounds must be in .ogg format and have a .ogg extension to play; if your sounds are in a diferent format, you can use a converter program to change them to ogg format.

Many of the sounds one hears in Chatpack are loaded as needed. This means that if you add a new sound that matches the sound search parameters discussed below, it will immediately be taken into account when selecting what sound to play, if any, for certain things.